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Deceptions Song

Harmonic Tales from Deception and Twilight

Teigra Haevest and Mei'Taegra Twilight
31 October
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This is a shared journal. Posts will be made by both my sister and I.

*waves hand in dismissal, scowling*

My name is Teigra and I am the second oldest of three. I am a class A fighter and serve in the imperial courts. I am currently serving as a temporary fighting partner for Lord Marshall Daeveros, until a time he can find another partner. I am 19 years old in my time, which is quite different from here. I am very particular with the people I allow in my life and am already quite aggravated with some. While I am still quite young, I am a mother. My child is my most precious thing to me.

If you wish to know me, I suggest messaging me.


Hello I am Mei'Teigra and I am the youngest. I don't really know what to put here... I guess I should start off with the fact that I am nothing like my sister. Heh. I am very kind, gentle and gracious. I still have a lot of growing up to do. I get childish at times but I always wish to help out. I can not have children, so I treat my friend Amanda's snakes like my children. Especially Saih. I am in love with the most wonderful people in the world and have made many friends to keep me company. I guess you can say I'm very social! Did I mention I love Magic!?